The Future?

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May 18, 2014 by Ozgur Ozden

Internet may be one of the fastest growing technology in the history of humankind. Even Though it is started around 1990 progres taken so far is amazing. According to the Cisco report in 2014 internet will be four times larger than in 2009. Today we have around 1.3 billion internet users, 70 million web sites and 1 trillion addresses and McKinsey Quarterly Report (2011) mentions that 90% of the data we have today is created in last two years. Because we have now faster connections, big volumes of data transfer and continuous data transfer. This huge data is called Big Data and some expert thinks that whoever control this big data controls the future.
With this big data and being connected all the times, we will be able to get tailor made advertising, shopping channels, news, entertainment. Kitchen appliances, clothes and cars will connect to the internet. Cars will be able to call mechanics and repair themselves without our involvement. Houses will be connected to each other, appliances will talk to each other about when to operate and monitored automatically by a central unit. We will talk to someone in one language and the other end will hear another language. These will be the engineering reality of the future. As Kevin Ashton explained (1999) we may have “Internet of Things” in the future. This term represents internet like structures connected to each other but not exists today. Experts define four different property for the future of internet as
Pervasive: We have created search engines, social networks, database, cloud computing systems, blogs, geolocations, VR, in a very short period of time. So pervasive computing will combine all these technologies together with embedded systems and artificial intelligence and create new undisruptive systems and devices.
Portable: Trend that started with mobile connectivity will continue in full speed. People will be connected 24/7 and access information all the times. Not only people houses, cars, ordinary objects will be connected to the internet. Some people claims that even a carton of milk will be connected as well.
Personal: People will start using personalized web sites, advertisements, shopping, news and education channels. We will create our own security and privacy.
Precarious, uncertain: Geolocation capabilities will be embedded into the items that we have used everyday so we will be able to produce massive amounts of information and be able to analyze certain characteristics of users. Data will be mapped, tagged and trapped. But how this data will be used? How privacy and identity will be protected? These are still uncertain.
Whatever the future of internet will be one thing will be certain for the future and this will be connected all the times. New social norms and public reactions will be developed. New methods of interacting and communicating will be developed and may be as said by Vint Cerf we will be able to contact with aliens via Internet.
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