Micro vs Macro management

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May 18, 2014 by Ozgur Ozden

Micromanagement can be defined as managing sources or projects by closely monitoring the every details or steps included in the project. Modifying or guiding people when it is necessary. This might be a very useful but dangerous. As Paul E Adams (2002) explained micromanagers usually work on the project in details instead of delegating and monitoring the output. They usually stuck with minor mistakes and does not see the whole picture. When they delegate work sometimes take it back before it finishes. They do not give responsibility to the other people or limit their line of actions. This obviously reduces the morale of the team. If the person working under supervision is really experienced this may cause tension and employees might even feel paralyzed.
On the other hand there is another management style called Macro management. As you may understand from the name, it is exactly the opposite of micromanagement. In this system managers focus on the outcome, result of the project instead of dealing with the details. In this system being a good manager or administrator is more important than technical knowledge in the field.
In my opinion a good manager should stand somewhere in the middle. You need to use both methods, little bit of macro and little bit of micro management depend on the case and situation. A manager must have mature enough to delegate the work to his team and let them work by on their own. Support them and help them. In the meantime manager must have basic technical knowledge to asses the results of the work done by his/her team. If the results are not as expected managers should be able to analyse the results and direct the team in the correct direction.
As ı have said both methods must be used but it is difficult to balance them on the same rope.

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