Customer Service in Social Media

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May 18, 2014 by Ozgur Ozden

One of the key success to an ecommerce site is to have a strong customer relationship no matter how good the website is or quality of the products you provide them. Because good customer relationship returns back to your business as trust and loyalty. How do you communicate with your customers, respond to their questions and provide a solution as quick as possible is equally important as described by Gorman (2013). Customer service must be based on your target customers age and demographics. There are many methods to communicate with customers such as newsletters, emails, social media, web based forms, online chat, call center, video chat. All these channels must be monitored all the times. You need to collect number of complaints and analyze them. Where are the complaints mostly focussed, products, service, delivery and make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible.

Rise of Social media in the last decade was enormous, many companies used this medium for advertising as well as customer main contact point as described by Laudon & Traver (2013 pg.672). Because it is direct and results can be collected very fast from the merchant point of view as described by Baer (2012). So many companies exists on social media either as a business or as a fan page. If you have such a system you will get many critics from your customers but your customer service responding to the reviews or complaints must striking fast. According to Baer (2012) 42% of the social media users want their case to be resolved in an hour. Adam (2012) labels this with a nice definition “Digital Voice of Customers”. This necessity requires a different Service Level Agreement (SLA) for social media unlike the ones we accounted for.


In order to comply with this fast demand your customer service must be organized and functioning accordingly fast and big in size. This new way of customer relationship must be handled very delicately because customers digital voice is shifted to public domain now instead of one on one phone or chat conversations.

One very efficient way of dealing with customers presence on social media is to create teams responsible for specific mediums such as facebook team, twitter team or LinkedIn team. These teams will be responsible for monitoring the company channels and interfere heavily in to direct conversations with customers. Specific scenarios and possible conversations must prepared before hand in line with the company mission and vision policy. Following up the customers in different ways such as mail and telephone will add more to the brand image and customer loyalty.

We should appoint managers to solely orchestrate these teams. Managers can collect the data and analyze to create new directions and methods to enhance customer satisfaction. Companies should be very transparent when replying to these requests.


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