Turing Test

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February 9, 2013 by Ozgur Ozden

Turing test is first introduced by a British mathematician, logician, crypt analyst  and computer scientist Alan Turing in his paper “Computing Machinery and Intelligence,” at 1950. The main purpose of the test is to distinguish/differentiate between a machine and a human being. He suggested an imagination game (IG) for this purpose.

ImageIn this game, Suppose we have a machine and a human located in one room and another person, specifically called interrogator, located in another room. Job of the interrogator is to direct questions to the room and collect answers in text form. Then according to the nature of the answers decide which one is human and which one is a machine.

At this point it might be a good idea to discuss the nature of the questions to be asked. Machines are accepted as emotionless. İnteraction with others, fear, pain, anger, aggression, stress, being a part of an interactive learning community is suitable for human beings. Basically feelings and emotions are differentiate humans from machines. So it might be a good idea to gather the questions on this axis. Now let us take a look at the questions that i have prepared as an interrogator and the reasons.

●      Suppose you jump out of a plane with a parachute, what is the first thing you feel?
        Senses and feelings are tested.

●      When you get out of this room, what do you want to do first?
        Planning abilities are tested

●      I am sorry to say that but this is the most stupid answer i have ever heard of?
       Anger and insult is being tested here

●      What did you feel when you first breastfeed your baby?
        Being a mother, again feelings are tested (thanks to my wife for this question)

●      How would you describe the fear of death?
        Fear of death is specific to humans

●      If i tell you i am going to delete myself, what would you say to me?
       Specific computer syntax is embedded into a sentence. Comprehension and evaluation is     needed for a proper answer.

I do think that a machine may have hard time answering these questions, at least an inconsistency may be detected from the answer. If you want to test your questions here is one site with online turing test. http://testing.turinghub.com/

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