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February 8, 2013 by Ozgur Ozden

The operating system that i am using currently Windows 8. I have recently started to use Imagethe system. Windows 8 came out to market with four different versions, Plain, Pro, Enterprise, and Windows RT. According to Microsoft, minimum requirements for the system are: 1 GHZ clock rate, 1GB RAM for 32 bit system and 2 GB Ram for 64 bit system, 16GB HDD for 32-bit system and 32GB HDD for 64-bit system and Directx graphic device. I may summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the system as follows:

  • I have realized the very fast start-up of the system. Tests done by (Michael Muchmore, 2012) proves that this new system is twice as fast as Windows 7 and even loads faster than the Apple’s latest version Mountain Lion.
  • Windows 8 is designed mainly for touchscreen devices. So interface and the buttons are pretty large compare to early versions of Windows.
  • Windows 8 has a new start page, Metro User Interface (MUI), which consists of a lot of live tiles and Web connected applications placed on the page. Live Tiles are very smart. You can download these apps from windows store just like Apple’s App store or Google’s Market. There is a huge competition going among these app markets.
  • You can tailor-made design the system’s GUI according to your desire. Color palette, menus,and other features are providing good options for  a nice customization.
  • As we have seen that Cloud computing is rapidly developing, so Microsoft’s cloud system SkyDrive is integrated into Windows 8. This enables users to save their documents directly to SkyDrive from Word or Excel.
  • İntegration to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter is nicely embedded into the system in windows 8.
  • System supports USB 3.0 for faster data transfer
  • Windows 8 introduce two new authentication system namely picture and PINs password for touchscreen use.
  • We can see many Client/Server-side application running on the start page.
  • GUI is very clean and clearly designed.

. And some drawbacks that i have realized are:

  • Applications on the Store are very limited at the moment and are on sale only on windows store.
  • Many of the features can be used only by Microsoft account registration. This option is little bit disturbing because system is forcing users to use Microsoft’s services.
  • Should be option for Google drive or Dropbox integration. ( Which will be impossible:)

Overall i am really happy with the performance of the new Windows 8, and i will continue to explore more features of the system.

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