DBMS vs File System

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February 8, 2013 by Ozgur Ozden

Mike Chapple, author of the about.com explains the database as “ organized mechanism Imagefor storing, managing and retrieving information” There are two ways of managing this databas as Database Management System (DBMS) and File Management System (FMS) therefore before we start comparing these two systems, let us summarize each one.
Database Management System (DBMS): Group of collected data which is called database is accessed by special software and purpose built hardware called DBMS. Main purpose of DBMS is to make the necessary connection, store and delete, data from the database. I have try to list some advantages and disadvantages of DBMS



customizable Complicated
Suitable for large database not embedded, sold separately (Oracle, DB2, MS Access etc…)
good processing power slow speeds
Suitable for midsize or large companies requires administrators
Supports multi-access – Shared data Expensive
custom made data extraction data is centralized
regular backups
Secure – Restricted – Access
Stores any kind of data
Controlling duplicate data

File Management System (FMS): is another database management system which access files or tables one by one. File system organizes and manages the data, available space on disk, files, directories. In addition to these features users should be able to create, delete and modify files, access control to files- basic ownership, back-up data and disk monitoring, organizing the data by file names. In FMS system files are stored locally to temporary places by means of a “file manager”



Cheap system Multi-user is not supported
Easy to use Only suitable for small database
Suitable for home and small business users Data spreaded
embedded into OS(MS Works, Cardfile) Integration problems
Transaction is not possible
Search mechanism is time consuming
Duplicated or separated data

File system and DBMS are two different way of managing data on the disk or network. clearly DBMS has more features and advantages compare to file system.
But I would prefer FS for small and home users and DBMS when more data manipulation is needed for large scale applications.
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